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Sonic the Hedgehog Review – Sega Mega Drive

With the recent release of Sonic Mania, I decided to pull out my Sega Mega Drive and take on the blue hedgehog's first adventure.

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Scott Pilgrim vs The World: The Game Background 10 Perfect User Avg

Scott Pilgrim Vs The World: The Game

SCOTT PILGRIM is the ROCK-N-ROLL ACTION LOVE-STORY for the 8-BIT GENERATION.Scott Pilgrim is a lovable loser and the best fighter in the province. He is in love with Ramona Flowers. But she has baggag...[Read More]

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sonic the hedgehog header 7.8 Good User Avg

Sonic the Hedgehog

Burst the video game speed barrier wide open with Sonic the Hedgehog.  Blaze by in a blur using the Super Sonic Spin Attack.  Loop the loop by defying gravity.  You can even spin around in a 360 degre...[Read More]

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Wargroove World Map Screen

5 Retro Inspired Games to Play in Lockdown

Now that we’re in the fourth..? fifth..? sixth week of lockdown – who really knows at this point – gaming has become an important distraction from what is going on in the world. So to help...[Read More]

Paper Mario Party Members

Top 5 Paper Mario Party Members

Ever since the series debuted in 2000, Paper Mario has been one of the most enjoyable, colorful, and...

Top 5 Underrated N64 Games

Top 5 Underrated N64 Games

The N64 has a list of popular games we all know and love. However, for every Mario 64 we have anoth...

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Phantasy Star online 2 – Mag levelling guide

With the new release of Phantasy Star online 2 I have noticed a lot of people asking about Mags, particularly how to raise the stats them. So I’ve put together this brief mag levelling guide. Now ther...[Read More]

[Guide] Dragon Force Troops Type

Dragon Force’s generals are by far the strongest units in the game. However, a general on his ...

Burning Rangers

[Cheats] Burning Rangers

Burning Rangers is a fantastic game, with a lot of unlockable content. However, if you're in a rush...

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